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Rep Meeting Dates 2pm

North Mankato Police Annex

1001 Belgrade Ave., North Mankato, MN 56003

CHANGED February 10th February 24 - Check back Sunday in case postponed due to weather.

April 7th

May 5th - PLUS: Coaches/Umpires

August 4th - Year End Meeting (All rules for 2020 voted on)

2019 Year End Qualifier Dates MANDATORY TO ATTEND:

8u - July 13th - New Ulm

10u & 12u - June 22nd & June 23rd

12u Upper teams - Lake Crystal

12u Lower teams - Windom

10u - New Ulm

14u & 16u/18u - July 13th & 14th - Caswell
State Tournament Dates:

8u July 1

10/12 July 13-14

14/16/18 July 20-21

USA Softball Nationals July 25-28

MOA Championships August 1-4

2019 Rule Changes

All rules the same as 2018 EXCEPT FOR BELOW.

All games are double headers. Each team is home team for 1 game and away for 1 game.

Start time is 6pm and 7:20pm (times can be changed IF both teams agree)

Game Time Limits:

10u - 60 min. IF tied NO international inning report as tied

12u - 65 min. IF tied 1 international inning

14u/16u/18u - 70 min. IF tied 1 international inning. Next game starts 10/15 min. after completion of 1st, coaches/umps decide.

International Rule - if tied at time limit you  to play 1 more inning, if still tied it goes in book as tie. You can wait to play the tie out at the end of the 2nd game if both teams choose.

IF both teams coaches agree you can start the game anytime with some schools still going you might want to play earlier. You can also play the game any day of the week that works for both teams.

Make sure you are playing all your games as some towns only play 1 night a week so they don't have as many games to play.

Turn in all scores to Jan 507-227-7387 (see below on how to report scores)

State Tournament Information

All brackets are up look for your team what tier they are in go to top of the page click on age and then your tier, brackets are there.

Congratulations to all participants qualifying for State. 

This is the site for tournament information make sure you read and have everything with you:  

Click your age on the top then click each tier to find your team.


Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Need 1 person in dugout ACE certified:

IF you don't have your roster completed:

Once you have completed you will need to email them to ask if they will verify your roster:

Need support for your roster? Go here: 

Make sure a parent/guardian has signed the roster.

Good luck to all the teams playing, and remember to have FUN!!!

JO Softball Teams Registered

You can verify if your team has been registered correctly. You do not pay the fee as you have already paid it through Southern Star.

2018 Team Registration

This is the link to register each team. You do not pay through here you pay at the league meeting or mail. To Mail completed application and information to: Brian DeVos 904 9 th St SE Waseca, MN. 56093 before April 15th. League fees (All due at team registration this year). April 8, 2018 or before. 8U teams $25.00/ Southernstar communities or $50.00/ if only playing 8U. This fee will be used to help cover cost of medals given out at there tournaments. 10’s, 12’s, 14’s, 16/18’s teams Due 4/8/2018 $300.00 per team league fee - ($95.00/team, $5.00 Youth First, $200.00 league qualifier tournament) $210.00 State tournament fee (if you plan on advancing to State) - any teams want to advance to National tournaments must play in the State tournament. If possible 1 check per team. You will not be put in the schedule until fees are paid, we will hold checks for the tournaments if needed.

Score Reporting

You will send in scores after each game to Jan Schwanke email: or you can text them after the games 507-227-7387 list each town, age and what there scores were of each game.

You can play in the rain, but if its lightning you need to wait 30 minutes from the last seen strike.

If a game gets postponed it needs to be made up, let me know of makeup dates so I can update on the website.

Remember games need to be called by 3pm if you are going to postpone because of weather/heat.

There should be no ties unless you played 1 inning of international rule and it was still tied after the next completed inning, if that happened then note it when submitting scores.

If a game gets cancelled let me know also, if a team forfeits a game let me know too.

If a game was made up from a previous date let me know original date of play.

Score Example: Day of play, list age, upper or lower, team names and scores of each team:

Tues., June 13th 16/18 Tues. Upper

Springfield - 15  Sleepy Eye 2 - 12

Sleepy Eye 2 - 7 Springfield - 2

ACE Certification

Need 1 person in dugout ACE certified. Please allow 2 weeks for processing.


Requirements for CER Certification

CER (CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS) certification needs to be completed by at least 1 person that is always on the field or dugout - You need to setup an account and select Softball, Girls - Non-MSHSL Coach and your school. CONTINUING EDUCATION ELECTIVES: These two also need to be completed.

Background Checks

Anyone that is in the dugout or on the field over the age of 18 needs to have a background check done. Make sure you have them fill out the General Informed Consent Form: With the notarized consent of the data subject, anyone may request a criminal history record background check.

2019 USA Softball Regional Umpire Clinic

The new USA Softball logoed umpire apparel will be presented at each of the Umpire Clinics. You will be able to try on items for size, see all of the color options, inspect the quality of the new items, and purchase your apparel at reduced or no shipping charges. Details will be reviewed at each of the Umpire Clinics. If you register online and pay prior to your umpire clinic, you need to bring your printed receipt of payment to get your rule book.

2019 USA Softball Minnesota Umpire List

This is a list of umpires who are registered if it says unpaid they have not completed and are not certified. Umpire Registration is also on the top of this page.

Girls Fastpitch Tournaments

This is a list of area USA sanctioned tournaments and State trounaments.