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Southern Star Fall League

  • Registration 50.00/team checks made out to Behind The Mask.  Mail registration form & check to Joel Schmidt 307 Smith Court Mapleton MN 56065
  • Deadline to register is August 20, with schedules out on August 23/24
  • If check is not received by August 20 your team will not be scheduled
  • Will need to know if your communities have any field restrictions
  • Open to 10’s, 12’s, 14’s, 16/18’s
  • 10’s and 14’s will play on Tuesdays – 8/25, 9/1, 9/8, 9/15, 9/22, 9/29
  • 12’s and 16/18’s will play on Thursdays – 8/27, 9/3, 9/10, 9/17, 9/24, 10/1
  • We will make pods by area to keep travel down, hopefully there is enough interest in all age groups to make this possible. In a perfect world teams will have 3 home games and 3 away games.
  • We will follow Southernstar League rules and time limits. 2 games per night
  • If you have set your teams already for the 2021 age breakdown use them, otherwise we will use the 2020 teams you already had setup.
  • We will follow the same COVID guidelines setup for summer league.

COVID/Team Update

We will no longer be putting teams on this site, if any team has to not play it is the responsibility of the coach and community rep to relay the information.


Safe Play: Back To The Diamond

Softball & Baseball COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

The Links below give you information on the Back To The Diamond directive.

2020 Minnesota Softball Fall Ball League

Your team will get six (6) weeks of softball, playing twelve (12) games. There will be a state tournament after the twelve games on the last weekend of September. You will not have to get fields. You will not have to get umpires. You will not have to pay for umpires. All of the cost for fall ball is built into one fee.

The cost is $700.

  • Week 1 - August 8-9
  • Week 2 - August 15-16
  • Week 3 - August 22-23
  • Week 4 - August 29-30
  • Week 5 - September 12-13
  • Week 6 - September 19-20
  • State Tournament - September 26-27


    Important Dates:

Meeting Dates:

June 7th - Zoom meeting 6pm

Date open - Year End Meeting

Tournament Dates   

NO SouthernStar Qualifier

Behind The Mask

Become a Youth Softball/Baseball Umpire! 

We all want to keep the game of baseball/softball alive and well within our communities in Southern Minnesota. To do so, we need to start recruiting and developing new umpires to add to allotment we now have. If you are interested in staying involved in the game you love, but no longer want to play, why not try becoming an umpire. We are in search of you interested in trying and will get you the needed equipment and training to start becoming an umpire. For more info - check out the flyer below  

Visit our website:

Like us on Facebook! @UmpiresBehindTheMask

JO Softball Teams Registered

You can verify if your team has been registered correctly. You do not pay the fee as you have already paid it through Southern Star.

2019 USA Softball Minnesota Umpire List

This is a list of umpires who are registered if it says unpaid they have not completed and are not certified. Umpire Registration is also on the top of this page.

Twins Community Fund

Youth 1st