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2019 Rule Changes

2019 Rule Changes

All rules the same as 2018 EXCEPT FOR BELOW.

All games are double headers. Each team is home team for 1 game and away for 1 game.

Start time is 6pm and 7:20pm (times can be changed IF both teams agree)

Game Time Limits:

10u - 60 min. IF tied NO international inning report as tied

12u - 65 min. IF tied 1 international inning

14u/16u/18u - 70 min. IF tied 1 international inning. Next game starts 10/15 min. after completion of 1st, coaches/umps decide.

International Rule - if tied at time limit you  to play 1 more inning, if still tied it goes in book as tie. You can wait to play the tie out at the end of the 2nd game if both teams choose.

IF both teams coaches agree you can start the game anytime with some schools still going you might want to play earlier. You can also play the game any day of the week that works for both teams.

Make sure you are playing all your games as some towns only play 1 night a week so they don't have as many games to play.

Turn in all scores to Jan 507-227-7387 (see home page on how to report scores)